Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's In Your Bookcase ?

What's In Your Bookcase ? Lana of Honeysuckle Lane's Simple Joys has requested us fellow bloggers to share What Is In Our Bookcases.
Please check out Lana's blog to see what is in her bookcase.

I really don't have bookcases but I do have a olde cupboard I use for books and photo albums as you will see in the pictures. I have books all over my house. Here are some of the books I have.

The Olde Cupboard serves as my Bookcase.
Some of my favorite books in this Olde Cupboard are of course, Marley & Me,The Dog Who Found Me,The Dogs I have Met,What My Dog Has Taught Me About Life. Then there are some non dog books :) , The Doctors Wife,Icy Sparks and 700 Sundays by Billy Crystal, that one had me laughing out loud.
My current read, The Host, the latest novel by Stephenie Meyer, the Author of my very favorite books, the Twilight saga.

My Twilight saga books which I plan to read over and over. :)
Notice A Dog Lovers Companion, I love dog books.

A few more dog books and The Titanic.

This little music stand is in my dinning room. I have a part of my collection of Gooseberry Patch cook books along with a few other books. I love's me some Gooseberry Patch. :)

Now, whats in your bookcase ?

4 People said:

Dogpatch Primitives said...

Pammie, you sure got some good readin in your book case :)

bayrayschild said...

Hi Pam, thanks for visiting my blog!

My bookcase is used for my finished dollies, but there is a small shelf in the little schoolroom that we use to keep books and such on I'll have to take a picture of that one.

Your bookcase sure is neat and stocked with good books.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes she does have some good readin' and some good candy on the sidebar...Darn it, I still owe the pups thier "payment" of biscuits..oh, I wont forget...

Love ya, Hugs..... MO

jane augenstein said...

Horse books, lots and lots of horse books!!!
~Jane and Gilly~