Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New for March on TDIPT Mercantile

I have 4 new signs on my Mercantile page tonight,if you get a few minutes check them out.
Also To Dwell In Primitives Times is having a big ole Birthday bash on our blog. Be sure to check it out. We have bunches of prizes and a $50 gift card to spend on the Mercantile. Its sooo so easy to sign up,click here for details.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lilly Update

Friday we had given Lilly her last round of antibiotics. The next day she started getting sick again. Mostly throwing up but she seemed to lose her motor skills and once again acting disoriented. Sunday she got worse so we had to call the vet to come in and took her to see him. She was pretty much lifeless the whole trip and in his office. But when he would talk to her she would always wag her tail at him and never got mad at him for all the poking and prodding he did. We found out that Lilly is blind in one eye and has some nerve damage to the side of her face she was hit on. After a long exam and blood test we still were not sure what was wrong but her sent us home with more meds. Can you imagine being hit by something hard enough to make you go blind,being dropped off in a place you have never been before?  She had to be so disoriented. Good news is today she is feeling much better. She even licked Lucy's face and acted like she waned to play with our other dogs.We are hoping once she is in good health again and knows no one is going to harm her she will have no dog aggression.
A wonderful website and Boxer Rescue group has been so kind as to help us find a forever home for Lilly. She is up for adoption there but  will remain with us till she is well enough to have her spay and recovery time.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Introducing...Tiger Lilly!

For lack of a better name and since she looks like a Tiger we are now calling our foster gal,Miss Tiger Lilly. We have to say Miss because she is truly a little lady. The dog that came to us just a little over a week ago is fastly turning into a beautiful girl with a very sweet loving personality. You just cant help but love and adore her when you see this sweet underbite for yourself ! Lilly was a pitiful mess when she appeared in our yard. She looked beaten and wore down,starving and scared to death of everything. Some of our neighbors reported they had seen her just days before with a log chain around her neck but thought she looked mean therefor they were scared to approach her to remove the chain. :(  We don't know what happened,how the chain got removed but she had no chain,no collar when she found her way to us.

She was starving, All of her ribs and back bone was showing. She was also in heat and we figure that had a lot to do with why she had some bites on her face & ears. At one time in her 2 years of life she has had part of her left ear torn off as you can see in the pictures as it tends to stand out more so than her other ear.
Lilly was very scared and shaken ,we took her to have her vetted right away. She is heart worm negiviteve ,thank goodness! She did very well as our vet examined her & gave her shots,never once growling at any of us but offering me sugars. She weighed 47 pounds last week,we know she has gained since then as she is looking much better. She has took a pretty hard hit at some time to the side of her head as her left eye had blood in the white area around her eye. She seems to have had some brain damage due to this hit to the side of her head. She was walking very slow and in circles quite a bit which could be from spending her life tied or chained up or the brain damage she suffered. She would also bump into things quite often as well. She had a few accidents the first day but none since then. She is no longer walking in circles and only once in the past few days have I seen her bump into things. She is no longer walking with her head down as she did at first. So in one weeks time she has came a long ways.
Lilly’s is super loveable and wags her tail whenever anyone speaks to her. She is housebroke and up to date on her shots and will be spayed next week.She seems to be a pretty easy going mellow young girl.
 Her only fault is she is dog aggressive but only when my dogs approach her or run toward her. They can brush up against her and walk by her she is perfectly ok with that so we really think this is due to all the trauma she has been through and maybe the brain injury had effected that as well. She may have spent her life alone and never been around dogs till now. But as with everything else she is improving and in time, a little TLC  she will come around and make a excellent pet and furry family member.

Her first day with us.
Here you can see her bloody eye.

A few days ago. How can anyone resist this face!!!

 Lilly today! Waiting for her forever home♥
 She's saying,come on,adopt me,I'll love you foreverrrrrr♥
 How can you resist this pouty lip? She's a lover and a kissser.
Here you can see some of her scarring which is healing quite nicley.

 Here you can see her poor little ear that was torn off but healed really well.

 Lilly say's,come on,Im waiting to love you for the rest of my life!♥