Thursday, May 31, 2012

My TDIPT Mercantile July Updates

Well I made it! I was actually able to make 4 new items for TDIPT Mercantile updates. For more details please check them out right *here* :)


Friday, May 4, 2012

Tiger Lilly Has Her Forever Home

After almost 4 months & so close to death more than once, Tiger Lilly has a FOREVER home.♥

And it's with US!
Many of you know poor Tiger girl has been sick so many times since the beginning when she came to us.  After almost 4 months we just can't stand the thought of putting her threw anymore trauma.  In the beginning we honestly thought she would never be able to be around other dogs & was not sure what would become of her but we know now she was only aggressive because of all the trauma she had gone threw, being so close to death and loosing the sight in one of her eyes. She now gets along great with our dogs. If any of them play a little ruff she cowers away but they are all learning to play perfectly with each other.

 My nephew came over yeasterday to attempt to take a few pictures of me & Tiger Lilly but as you see we had some "bloopers",lol. We triedd getting the other dogs in the picture with us but they were too concerned with sniffing around....and well sniffing each other too. ;)

Looking back now we are so very glad that someone was dumb enough to throw her away & so happy she found her way to us. Their loss is our huge gain!