Thursday, September 30, 2010

My October Updates

I just updated my page over on TDIPT Mercantile. If you get a minute hop on over for the details.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My gift and a few fallish things.

I wanted  to share a few pictures of my sweet Witchy lady I got from a dear friend,Charlotte MacDiarmid.
She made her using a pattern from Country Marketplace magazine. As you can see this witch lady has already moved herself to a few other places in my home.
 I so love my Boo Banner from Ivonne AKA The Crackling Crows and Vintage Halloween Hangers from Jan AKA Big Brown Dog Primitives. It/s not a very good picture but the cool Skully man  is from Pea AKA Whimsical Endeavors.
 Some pumpkin heads I got a few years ago from Jan AKA Big Brown Dog Primitives.

No telling where Miss Witchy will place herself next! :) Thanks Charlotte, your the best! ♥

Sunday, September 19, 2010

How large is your soul.

Folk will know how large your soul is,
by the way you treat a dog.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


This stuff's gotta go!
My loss is your gain. Halloween is right around the corner and I need to make room for Fall & Christmas goodies.Some of these items are brand new, not even made it to my website yet.They will not be offered at this low price again.
If you see anything you are interested in just drop me a email.@

I have removed the sold items but I still have a couple of items left from my sale.
Thanks to everyone for your purchases.

NEW~ Witch Is In~Priced @$8.00 plus shipping to you address.
Made of 3/4" pine,measures 20&1/2" X 4".

NEW STYLE~ Scary Witch~Priced@ $14.00 Plus shipping to your address.
Made of 3/4" Pine,measures 10"X 8&1/2" .

Pumpkins Block Chunkies~Priced @ $ 7.00 plus shipping to your address.
Made using 2X4's,measuring 4"X4" and 9" X 2&1/2".

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Yard Sale Treasure

I seldom ever go to yard sales and when I do I even more seldom ever find a great deal. A few weeks ago was the exception. Check this out..for $25.00! I know its a old very prim desk.I have no idea how old but it sure shows lots of wear. Over the years the top has been replaced along with the hinges. Some extra cubby wholes were added inside. And it looks like it had been stored in a leaky old barn but all in all its in pretty good solid shape.

(Before all yucky & nasty!)
So I cleaned and scrubbed on this baby for hours then gave it a good hand waxing. Im happy with the results and ready to hit more yard sales.
 I know have officially ran out of room in my house. Next thing that I bring in means something has to go out, sad times indeed. (hee hee ;)