Sunday, December 25, 2011

I wanted to share with everyone my sweet little Christmas card that never was. I spent quite a bit of time coming up with this one. When I went to pick them up something went wrong in the priniting process and half of the image was cut off. It was too close to Christmas to order more so this one never got sent out but I thought I would just share it right here on blog land and while doing so send everyone a Very Merry Christmas and wishes for a Happy & Healthy New Year.

Seasons Greetings from Chuck, Pam & The Pack ;)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My little bit of Chirstmas 2011

Once again, I cut back a little more on my Christmas decorating. Although it's not a lot I wanted to share it here with you bloggers.
First of all I have to share pictures of my Christmas Mousey girl. My buddy Cookie & I did a little swap and this lovely is what she suprised me with! Isn't she just adorable! Poor girl, I just keep moving her around searching for the perfect spot. I may have to leave her out all year.
Thank you Cookie, I'll love her forever & ever!

Then this round fat fella is the new man in my life ;) He was a big suprise from my buddy Starla. She said he named himself Brrrrrr-ley which just so happens to be my father in laws name who we lost back in September so he is very special to us and we will always treasure him. He will live the winter(maybe every season;)) with us,sitting atop the end table overlooking my hubby's recliner. Thank you so much Starla!

My Banner from Ivonne♥

My Jan Quilt♥

My Goose from Jennifer.♥
MERRY CHRISTMAS! From our Home to yours! :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Swap Of The Year!

...and it really is the most wonderful swap of the year. TDIPT swap that is. Most of you know that  many of the ladies of TDIPT have several swaps throughout the year but our Christmas swap is always the best and most special.
Recently I came home to find this big brown box on my bar from my bestie, Big Brown Dog, Jan Davis.

Everything was wrapped so perfectly and pretty.
Jan sent along SO many goodies. Sweet little vintage Pit Bull tags,as you can see candy galore, sweet quilted ornies,some of the best pumpkin butter I have ever ate! The letter P (Jan I'm thinking about putting a safety pin on it so I can attach it to all my shirts like Laverne of Laverne & Shirley,lol)
How I adore my Santa hanger, It's absolutely perfect and prim!
I flipped out when I seen my Santa quilt & JOY banner Jan made just for me. The JOY banner is very special to me as we lost our Aunt Joy to cancer years ago. So my family likes to put out JOY blocks or anything that says JOY at Christmas time. Now I have my very own JOY. ♥
Thank you Jan, I love it all !!
Be sure to check out Jan's blog to see a whole bunch more of her work. She is a wonderfully talented artist and sweetheart of a lady.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On TDIPT Mercantile for December

 New on TDIPT Mercantile ! I have 5 new items for December on my Merc page.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


~Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving~

For each new morning with its light,
  For rest and shelter of the night,

For health and food, for love and friends,

For everything Thy goodness sends.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, October 31, 2011

November Updates

Can you believe it's November already?  Goodness where does the time go?!
Anyways, November is at our door and tonight I am updating my TDIPT Mercantile page with 3 brand new super duper Christmas signs. Here is a little peak. If you get a minute please drop by to check these out AND all the other wonderful goodies from other TDIPT artist.
 Remember, TDIPT's open house is all November long so be sure to check it out and sign up to win some of the wonderful prizes! ~Click here to check it out.
Tis The Season


The Best Gift

Thursday, October 27, 2011

*TDIPT Mercantile's Open House In November*

"It's the most wonderful time of the year"....oh..wait! ...Pooey, Its not Christmas yet. Heck it's not even Halloween yet. I guess I just got all excited thinking about TDIPT's annual open house!

In November our artist who update on the 1st and 15th will be offering some of the best in handmades for the Holidays. What a great way to start your Christmas shopping.

Now that's only the half of it, many of TDIPT's talented & amazing artist have donated some wonderful prizes that YOU might be lucky enough to win. Soooooo be sure to get over to TDIPT's blog (the link is on my side bar) in November and join us in our celebration and while your there be sure to sign up to win one of our fantastic prizes.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Threaten Me With Heaven

Threaten Me With Heaven. Another beautiful song by Vince Gill due out the end of the month. When my husband I first heard this song was just a few days before my father in law Burley Ludwig passed away. It gave us some comfort and sure to be a source of comfort to many others. If you get time be sure to listen to it. Its a song sang by a father to his child.

(These pictures were taken of Burley earlier this summer,he was just regaining his strength. This was his first time back up on the tractor in a very long time and one of the things he loved to do,cut hay )

Burley was diagnosed with Multiple myeloma about 5 years ago. After a long, long winter of chemo,stem cell transplant and emergency surgery to repair a whole in his intestine,Burley was in remission. Then one month ago he had to undergo surgery for his gall bladder.When the surgeon & his team went in to remove his rotted gall bladder things were much worse than they were prepared for. He was in ICU for 3 weeks before passing away.

We kept his funeral short and no sad songs. That was something he & I always agreed on was how horrible funerals were and to have such sad music only makes them worse. The song playing was the only song we,the family requested to be played at his grave side service but sadly the funeral home got it mixed up and nothing was played. The song you hear now was one of Burley's favorites and one we think he would have been happy we choose for him,it "fit" him.
Burley was always laughing and loved to tell jokes. Even when he felt so badly in the hospital he would still try to crack the Doctors & Nurses up.

Gone but like so many of our loved ones who have passed,he will never be forgotten. For those who knew Burely,we all have our stories of him to tell & his stories will live on.

Burley,RIP.~We all love & miss you terribly.

Friday, October 7, 2011

On TDIPT Mercantile

Happy Fall you all ! Does it feel like fall where your at? We were having wonderful fall temps in NE Arkansas but it has gotten above average temps yet again.
I wanted to share 2 of my new signs that are also avalible on my Mercantile page. If you get some time be sure to check them out. :)


Thursday, September 29, 2011

GoldieLoo Woodworks & TDIPT make Prims Magazine !

Check it out!
I along with many of my other TDIPT (To Dwell In Primitive Thymes) artist have made the October issue of Prims Magazine. Prims has done a awesome 10 page spread about TDIPT and will do another spread in their January issue.
Below is my Merry Halloween Checkerboard which I created just for Prims. I will offer this tomorrow evening on my Mercantile page.
This is a OOAK and I will not be offering anymore like this one.

I would like to thank Karen Brady aka Brady Bears for heading this up for all of us TDIPTers.~~Thanks Karen for all your work.
It is a honor to be amoung such talent.
Please be sure to drop by Friday evening for my October updates on TDIPT Mercantile to see my Merry Halloween Checkerboard and 2 new prim word art signs.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Fall Swap

Its swapping time again! ~ Thats TDIPT fall swap time. TDIPT swaps are the best of the best. This year I was lucky enough to get my BFF Miss Kitty (Joyce Tenay) AKA Ragpatch Primitives.

Everything was wrapped so prim and perfectly.

 Miss Kitty even thought about my furry pack and sent along dog treats!
 Look at my wonderful pumpkinhead and pinkeep makedo.

Thanks Miss Kitty,I love and will treasure it all.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~NEW~For September.

I have been busy as a bee lately & didnt get to make the updates on TDIPT Mercantile for September so I thought I would just add them here.
Love this new Husband & Wife word art sign.This one would be a perfect wedding gift but a wonderful gift for a couple in love just as well.

Husband & Wife
 Husband & Wife has been painted in Lamp Black & Oatmeal.Measures 11&1/4" X 24.
Priced @ $28.00 plus shipping to your zip.

Autumn Greetings

 Wow wee I love this sign! Using Milk Paints I have painted this one in Lamp Black,Oatmeal,Candy Bar Brown,Burnt Pumpkin & Coffee Bean. Measures 11&1/4" X 11&1/4".
Priced @$ 21.00 plus shipping to your zip.
Autumn Greetings has been sold ~Happliy accdepting orders upon request.

Halloween Greetings
This is a adorable Prim sign from Halloween. I just love this little Owl. I have painted in it Lamp Black,Baked Pumpkin,Bittersweet Chocolate & Oatmeal. Measures 6"X23" . Priced @ $18.00.
Halloween Greetings has been sold ~Happliy accdepting orders upon request.

Please drop me a email if you would like to purchase any of these signs.

Hope to be back on the Merc next month with more new prim goodies. :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

In This Home ...

New! ~ on Etsy.
 In This Home...
We do second chances
We do grace
We do real
We do mistakes
We do Im sorry
We do loud really well
We do hugs
We do family
We do love.

If you got some time check out this sign and many more on my etsy shop. :)