Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wow, look, the sun is shinning and its a glorious day here in Arkansas. But as you see, my day has gone to the dogs. That's ok though, I find them to be great cheap entertainment. :) The dog's "cousin" MoJo came up this morning for a little play time.

Biscuit thinks he is the Referee, Lucy & MoJo play and he runs along beside them barking.

Goldie, just want's to stay out of it!
Lucy loves MoJo, MoJo's not so sure,lol.
Happy Spring!

Friday, March 19, 2010

More New Signs On Etsy !

Yippieeee, I'm having fun with Etsy. I can't believe how much easier and smoother it is to list on Etsy than Ebay...Ebay's bad Ok ? ;)
I just added these 3 new signs to my Etsy page this evening.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New On Etsy

I signed up for Etsy  while back and still got some things to learn about it. I'm going to be adding these Prim signs later this evening. I really like them and hope everyone else will too. I will be listing some more like them later this week. You can check them out here ~ http://www.etsy.com/shop/GoldieLooWoodworks

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goofy Holder Family Pictures

I ran across these pictures and they never struck me as being funny till I got to looking a bit closer.
I always thought this one was funny because of the expression on my brothers face & my sister was sticking her tongue out but I got to thinking about our neighbor kid in the background with the toy gun to us. We didn't think anything of it at the time but now days it might not be so funny.

My Brother, me & sister (neighbor with a gun ;))

Here is another I find found funny. My brother was always the slob, check out that shirt, looks like he got some milk on it. He was always eatting cookies & milk which you can see on the arm of the sofa. And a rare picture of me(center) looking like a little lady which I was not.

Im the little one in the middle. I was wondering what was going on to have me make such a funny face. I think I was just acting goofy, which is the norm in my family. (Granny looks like she had been hitting the bottle the night before. :) My brother holding our family pet, No No (what a name!)
Lastly ....I honestly can not figure out why I insisted on posing like this but mom says I had a fit to have my picture taken in this bathing suit, wearing this huge sunglasses in front of the family station wagon. Maybe this was the beginning and the end of my swimsuit modeling career ? LOL

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Little bridges are scary too.

Mr. Goldieloo & I went for a ride today. I was hoping to get some nice spring pictures but it's not looking to springy here in NE Arkansas yet. We went to some of Chucks family's farm way out in the boondocks. 7 miles down a gravel road. As you can see some of the roads got pretty narrow at times. I remember the first time Chuck ever took me the this farm. He warned me about the bridges and that as long as the driver was sober you wouldn't have any problems crossing them, ha! I remember the first time we crossed the second bridge, I cried a little then insisted on getting out and walking across it before he drove across it,haha. 24 years later the bridge hasn't changed one bit.
First scary bridge. This is on Spring River, a excellent spot of fishing and canoeing.Thank goodness the water is only around 2 feet deep on each side, I would have been walking across this one.;)

Second scary bridge, the one I had to walk over 24 years ago. I must be bigger & braver now. I know I'm bigger. ;)
TRUST me, these bridges are much more scary in person!

Sorry, I added this one twice and can not figure out how to remove it. :
This is my kind of bridge. :)

Look closely, you can see a fisherman,trout fishing. There was lots of folks fishing on Spring River today. I wish I had been.

No pictures of pretty spring flowers but maybe next time.