Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goofy Holder Family Pictures

I ran across these pictures and they never struck me as being funny till I got to looking a bit closer.
I always thought this one was funny because of the expression on my brothers face & my sister was sticking her tongue out but I got to thinking about our neighbor kid in the background with the toy gun to us. We didn't think anything of it at the time but now days it might not be so funny.

My Brother, me & sister (neighbor with a gun ;))

Here is another I find found funny. My brother was always the slob, check out that shirt, looks like he got some milk on it. He was always eatting cookies & milk which you can see on the arm of the sofa. And a rare picture of me(center) looking like a little lady which I was not.

Im the little one in the middle. I was wondering what was going on to have me make such a funny face. I think I was just acting goofy, which is the norm in my family. (Granny looks like she had been hitting the bottle the night before. :) My brother holding our family pet, No No (what a name!)
Lastly ....I honestly can not figure out why I insisted on posing like this but mom says I had a fit to have my picture taken in this bathing suit, wearing this huge sunglasses in front of the family station wagon. Maybe this was the beginning and the end of my swimsuit modeling career ? LOL

2 People said:

Little Sister's Dolls said...

Oh I just LOVE old photos! You were a cutie then too Pam :)

Pam said...

lol, Thanks yall!