Sunday, December 25, 2011

I wanted to share with everyone my sweet little Christmas card that never was. I spent quite a bit of time coming up with this one. When I went to pick them up something went wrong in the priniting process and half of the image was cut off. It was too close to Christmas to order more so this one never got sent out but I thought I would just share it right here on blog land and while doing so send everyone a Very Merry Christmas and wishes for a Happy & Healthy New Year.

Seasons Greetings from Chuck, Pam & The Pack ;)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My little bit of Chirstmas 2011

Once again, I cut back a little more on my Christmas decorating. Although it's not a lot I wanted to share it here with you bloggers.
First of all I have to share pictures of my Christmas Mousey girl. My buddy Cookie & I did a little swap and this lovely is what she suprised me with! Isn't she just adorable! Poor girl, I just keep moving her around searching for the perfect spot. I may have to leave her out all year.
Thank you Cookie, I'll love her forever & ever!

Then this round fat fella is the new man in my life ;) He was a big suprise from my buddy Starla. She said he named himself Brrrrrr-ley which just so happens to be my father in laws name who we lost back in September so he is very special to us and we will always treasure him. He will live the winter(maybe every season;)) with us,sitting atop the end table overlooking my hubby's recliner. Thank you so much Starla!

My Banner from Ivonne♥

My Jan Quilt♥

My Goose from Jennifer.♥
MERRY CHRISTMAS! From our Home to yours! :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Swap Of The Year!

...and it really is the most wonderful swap of the year. TDIPT swap that is. Most of you know that  many of the ladies of TDIPT have several swaps throughout the year but our Christmas swap is always the best and most special.
Recently I came home to find this big brown box on my bar from my bestie, Big Brown Dog, Jan Davis.

Everything was wrapped so perfectly and pretty.
Jan sent along SO many goodies. Sweet little vintage Pit Bull tags,as you can see candy galore, sweet quilted ornies,some of the best pumpkin butter I have ever ate! The letter P (Jan I'm thinking about putting a safety pin on it so I can attach it to all my shirts like Laverne of Laverne & Shirley,lol)
How I adore my Santa hanger, It's absolutely perfect and prim!
I flipped out when I seen my Santa quilt & JOY banner Jan made just for me. The JOY banner is very special to me as we lost our Aunt Joy to cancer years ago. So my family likes to put out JOY blocks or anything that says JOY at Christmas time. Now I have my very own JOY. ♥
Thank you Jan, I love it all !!
Be sure to check out Jan's blog to see a whole bunch more of her work. She is a wonderfully talented artist and sweetheart of a lady.