Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A new sign that I have in my etsy shop.
Here is a tiny bit of what Mr. & Mrs. GoldieLoo Woodworks has been up to. Chuck's been doing a bit of “Dirt Fishing”. Most people would call this stuff trash but it is tiny treasure's to us. None of it has any value,some of it was have no idea what it is but all of it has a story to tell. Here is part of a old school desk,you know it has a lot of stories to tell. One of the things I found so interesting is the top off of a old condom tin,it reads 3 Merry Widows, we think it dates back tot he 30’s. I wonder how they came up with that name? lol I didn't know they made them that long ago.
 If anyone can identify any of the items below,we would love to know. Some things such as the school desk, lids, cow ear tag we know but the iron item to the righ we have no idea.

 If anyone knows what the copper looking GE thing is we would love to know.

And here is what Chuck does when he is bored. He made this sweet little replica Medicine cabinet, I just adore it. Needless to say, I love for him to go bored. ;)

 I snapped this picture of a old barn at my friends palce the other day. Ive always loved it. Notice the old tractor inside.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Mercantile Updates from GoldieLoo Woodworks

Geez Im running behind these days. I updated my page on TDIPT Mercantile. If you have some time please stop by and take a peek.