Monday, May 6, 2013

I just added 2 more new signs to my etsy shop. I have so many more new ones to make, I hope that I can get them all done before fall! :)



Happy Spring! ..or is it? LOL, if it were not for the calender Im not sure if we would think its winter or spring. Our day time temps have been going from 50 up to 80. Ah well,it seems it is that way for most everyone these days.
There has been a whole lot going around here and since I have not updated my blog in quite some time I thought I had better catch everyone up on what is going on.
As many of you know I am member of a very talented group of artists, To Dwell In Primitive Thymes. After many wonderful years together they have decided to close the doors to our online Mercantile (TDIPT). Its been a great honor to be among such talent and I'm really going to miss them all. :(
Also I had been in the process of revamping our website, GoldieLoo Woodworks. I have since decided for the time being I will strictly sale on Etsy. My website will still be there with a link to find our Etsy store. I have around 114 items there now and will be adding much much more before fall.
For those of you who do not use Etsy and would like to order directly you can go there just as you did our website and look our stuff there and if there is something you would like to order just drop me a email along with what you would like to order & your zip code and I’ll get right back with you. I will eventually get most of our items from the website over to the our Etsy store such as the game boards, black boards and many of the signs. There will be some that I will discontinue to sale.
And as always all of my new items will be posted here on my blog as well so my fellow bloggers can see whats new with me. :)

To see these and a whole lot more please click on the link. Thanks!~~Pam