Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TDIPTS Christmas In July

I have just updated my Mercantile page with these 2 new items.
Ok, so this one isn't Christmas themed but it makes a great Christmas gift. :)
Click here if you want to go check them out.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael & Farrah, I'll always remember you.

It is a very sad day today with the passing of Michael & Farrah. Farrah was the woman as a teen I always wanted to look like & MJ's music has been with me pretty much my whole life. At times MJ had me wondering if he was guilty of everything the headlines were saying but always in the end all that really mattered is how his music made me feel. His music has always been there for me to sing along to, as a goofy teen for me & my friends to dance too.
Micheal & Farrah may be gone but never will they be forgotten.
I have added some of my favorite Michael songs to my playlist in memory of him.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Washstand

I wanted to share with everyone my new washstand handmade by Mr. Goldieloo. :) I get so excited when Chuck builds me something new.Honestly I would rather have this stuff that any diamonds or gold . Yes, crazy I know. :)

I got Chuck to make me this washstand over a month ago, I'm just now finding time to blog about it. He made the shelf above it years ago. If only I could find some room to have him make more stuff. :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's In Your Bookcase ?

What's In Your Bookcase ? Lana of Honeysuckle Lane's Simple Joys has requested us fellow bloggers to share What Is In Our Bookcases.
Please check out Lana's blog to see what is in her bookcase.

I really don't have bookcases but I do have a olde cupboard I use for books and photo albums as you will see in the pictures. I have books all over my house. Here are some of the books I have.

The Olde Cupboard serves as my Bookcase.
Some of my favorite books in this Olde Cupboard are of course, Marley & Me,The Dog Who Found Me,The Dogs I have Met,What My Dog Has Taught Me About Life. Then there are some non dog books :) , The Doctors Wife,Icy Sparks and 700 Sundays by Billy Crystal, that one had me laughing out loud.
My current read, The Host, the latest novel by Stephenie Meyer, the Author of my very favorite books, the Twilight saga.

My Twilight saga books which I plan to read over and over. :)
Notice A Dog Lovers Companion, I love dog books.

A few more dog books and The Titanic.

This little music stand is in my dinning room. I have a part of my collection of Gooseberry Patch cook books along with a few other books. I love's me some Gooseberry Patch. :)

Now, whats in your bookcase ?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here's my Pack ♥

My pack of dogs that is. Sorry, I just can not stop talking about them or taking pictures. Most of you know Lucy as our foster dog. But she has decided to stay so she is now "one of the pack". Lucy has been so hyper since we brought her home that I have not been able to get her to set still long enough for a good picture. But this morning she was behaving. As a matter a fact, by looking at the photos one would think she was a calm dog. DONT LET THE PICTURES FOOL YOU, she is a hyper clown !

Goldie HATES the camera. That old girl will be staring me down like I'm prim rib till I break out the camera then she will no longer look at me. I can even grab her face to hold her in position but she will still look away. I had to say "wanna go for a ride " to get her to look at me for this one. I felt so bad, I was lying to her....but if bribery is what it takes, then so be it. ;)

Now getting all the pack together for a Kodak moment has been very hard. One is always looking away or moving about the time I try to snap the photo.

Finally I got this one but after some serious bribing.
...My Pack.♥