Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas to ME ! ♥

LOOK, I must have been a very good girl ! ;)

Whether she likes it or not Patty of Dog Patch Primitives is my new BFF ! Some of us gals in TDIPT did a Christmas swap. This was my first Christmas swap with them and wow am I impressed ! Patty did such a good job of selecting things I love, she did better than I could have myself.
I have been an admiring her Cupboard Santa Busts and low & behold I got one, how did she know?
Take a look at all the other super things she got me, a book I have been wanting to read for some time now,again how did she know ? A calendar from Dogs Deserve (check out their website) which I was needing,coffee,the most wonderful melt in your mouth truffles, extremely tasty gourmet popcorn, a darling little feather tree , vintage ornaments, a stocking swag and so so many others wonderful things.
I want to thank you Patty, for being my swap P and not only giving me these great gifts but putting to much time into thinking about what I would like !

♥ Thank you Patty, my new BFF ;) ♥

5 People said:

t.franck said...

Oh you lucky gal getting all those great things from Patty! Happy Holidays to You!


rockriverstitches said...

hmmm, wonder why when I just left you a message that it said it was from t.franck? that's me anyway. Oh well, I just love reading your blog.


~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Thanks Tammy, Im a happy camper about it !
Merry Christmas to you !

Jennifer B. said...

Pammie you lucky ducky!!! That Patty spoiled the heck out of you!!!

Cookie said...

girrrrrrrrrrrrrl... I'm thinking I need to make my way over and snag something up when I send you to the kitchen for more eggnog!

love everything and boy o boy, did you make out sister :)