Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The kindness of Strangers♥

Thanks to the kindness of strangers my friend has a Christmas tree. My ole buddy Marsha, we have been the best of friends since grade school, she knows more dirt on me than probably anyone, so I have to be really nice to her. ;);)
Have you ever heard the saying "if it weren't for bad luck I would have no luck at all" ? Well that's Marsha, she was down in the dumps a few weeks ago from meeting yet another looser(man), my advice to her was go get your tree and decorations, put on some Christmas music and decorate, forget about men ! So she decided to take me up on my advice, she gets the key to the storage building and goes to get her stuff, opens the door and everything was gone! Yep all gone ! Her landlord had sold his business including the storage building and put everything in a yard sale without telling her abut it. Bless her heart, you can imagine how devastated she was, everything she had collected or that was given or made for her over the years was gone.

I was telling my fellow TDIPT sisters about this and several of them wanted to share some of their ornies with her. Marsha was so thrilled by the kindness of people she has never met not to mention the fantastic ornies she received. Between the ornies from some of TDIPT gals, some of Marsha's other friends and myself she now has a tree and its full of ornies plus decorations for the house.
To my TDIPT sisters who sent Christmas ornies and decor to Marsha THANK YOU very much ! Your the best !♥

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BB said...

how very kind....

love ya girl,