Thursday, November 4, 2010

A week of Dogs !

 It started last Thursday when I discovered a beautiful mix breed dog had been dropped off at some friends house. They asked me to help them with her, she had been there for about 4 days and they didn't want her. They were going to take her to the dog pound the next day.

So, after sleeping on it I decided I couldn't stand the thought of her going to a pound. So I went and got her Friday. I contacted the 3 humane society's that are closet to me which is around 45 miles always. All 3 were full so we were put on a waiting list. I sure dreaded the wait because this beauty was loaded with personality and was just the type I was going to become attached to fast. I sent out some pictures of her to friends and family and it wasn't long before I got a call from my sister-in-law who said she was sure she wanted her. She & her husband had lost their beloved Rottie to cancer earlier this spring and were ready for a new furry friend again. She has now been named "Maggie" and has a awesome home and loving family. In dog rescue so many times we don't get to see such happy endings so needless to say we were very happy.

I get a call from my hubby who was out in a pasture looking for his dads glove. His dad had a accident the day before and lost  it. Upon looking for the glove he discovered 6 puppies bundled together in the tall grass. Someone had left them there to die. They could  barely see or hear, still wobbly on their feet with pretty puppy blue eyes and my favorite smell, puppy breath.

How could anyone leave this to die ???

6 tiny Beagle/Basset mixes, 3 boys & 3 girls.

I get so very angry when I think about the people who do this, it never seems to end. One of my wishes is to have some sort of ESP so that I could be alerted when these kind of people are near me. I don't want to smile and be polite to them no more than I would a child molester or murders. They are all the same in my book. But sadly these kind of folks lead a double life and most of us have no clue who they are.

 This is my nephew,Spencer.He loved them all. Even after getting a little puppy poo on himself,lol. ;)
These pups have been taken in by Northeast Arkansans for Animals (NAFA) non-profit, tax-deductible rescue organization for animals. They have a very kind lady who fosters nothing but puppies. Lucky for these pups she was down to 4 so they got to go stay with her untill they can be put up for adoption.

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PEA said...


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I can nor never will understand how people can be so cruel to animals..these babies are precious..why not just take them to the pound like you did..instead of leaving them to fend for themselves..glad your hubby was in the right place at the right time.;)

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Pam, you are so wonderful and caring to look out for these doggies and take them in till they can find the right home. Thank you. I love dogs and to me they are not throw away. They are a commitment and always a member of the family in my book.
That is just heartless to do that to those helpless pups. Thank goodness you and your hubby were there to come to their rescue.

bayrayschild said...

Oh Pam you are just the sweetest!
I bet those doggies started crying when they knew they would be leaving your care.

They are all so adorable!

Crowsnest Pass Primitive Folk Art said...

Your are a doggy guardian angel Pam...thank goodness the pups were left at a place where they could be found by someone who cares. Hugs Susan

Aunt Polly's Attic said...

Oh my WORD, Pam, I love those lil pups!!! They are adorable with a capital A!!! I wish I lived closer to you, I'd take that little dark one in a heartbeat!!

Jennifer said...

Oh PAMMY! Those pups are some kind of CUTE!!! I dont know how anyone could do that to any animal, let alone helpless pups. Thank goodness Chuck was able to save them! I bet they will have no problems finding homes :)

GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

Thanks you all. Last word was they were doing good. One of the little girls has some problems with her backlegs due to her spine. The vet is checking into it.

I know Gina,my thoughts excatly. I think these kind of people are too lazy & they simply just dont care enough to make an effort.

Nan, I agree! They are not trash to be thrown away when we tire of them.

Audrey they were only in my care about 34 hours.They are so young they just were not sure what was going on.They are getting the best of care now though.

Teresa I bonded with that little black one of the way to their noew foster home. I loved on her the whole time and keep thinking about her still.:(((

The Crackling Crows said...

Pammie you are such a good dog Momy :) they all look so adorable! Unbelievable that someone can be so cruel to do that!
You are an dog Angel...smiles Ivonne

P.S. Love love love th pics...I'm glad you took pics!

Lola said...

These pups are going to be happy, healthy dogs because of you. AND I am laughing my GUTS out about your favorite smell...PUPPY BREATH! Me too...I love puppy breath and have gotten the strangest looks from some people when I tell them that. It's nice to find someone else who loves that smell, too! HAHAHA!

Thanks for being these little pups' guardian will be blessed for it. :)

GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

Thanks Ivonne :)

Hey Lola,your a lady who knows good sents ;) I think they should bottle puppy breath,lol.
I think all th epuppies have been adopted now,Yeahhh! ~~Pam

Jenny Carter said...

Yes, I rescue kitties and I am appalled by people all the time. You said it right...esp...unfortunately I would probably slap them in public or worse if I had it. I'd be institutionalized because I would be in a store or something and totally flip out on someone! lol Kinda funny when I think about it...but these people are killers in my book too. They deserve to get the same in return! Wrap em up in a plastic back and put em in a dumpster or drop em off on a deserted island with no means of fish, no trees. That would make me a happy person. :)