Friday, November 12, 2010

A shy Owl and pretty lady.

 I went to a friends house yesterday evening to try to get a picture of a Screech Owl that had been staying in a old tree next to his house. When I got there he had gotten a bit camera shy and went back into the log. Upon waiting I snapped a few pictures of my buddy Tessa. She wasn't ready to have her pictures made but kindly obliged me.

Finally about dark the Owl starts peeking out of the log enough I was able to get this shot. Not the best shot but he sure is cute.

Thanks Tess and Mr. Owl ;)

3 People said:

The Crackling Crows said...

How cool is that!!! I love this picture!!!

Smiles Ivonne

Anonymous said...

Wowsa, loving your photos my lovely friend... Just amazing... REALLY!!! XOXO Mo

Nita Jo said...

Love the photos! The shot of the Owl is amazing! Love it!