Thursday, August 12, 2010

My new BFF :) Dana (AKA Faerie Knoll Folk Art) & I did a swap & I got mine today & he's awesome & he has no name & he is even more awesome in person than I imagined he would be & Dana did such a prim perfection perfect job on him & did I say he is ....well he is awesome !!
Awesome is my word of the day :))))
(humm,maybe I should name pumpkin head dude, Awesome...maybe Awesome Dude...Bob?...Bob Dude,now thats sounding red neck, oh no!)Help, this dude needs a name!
Dana makes home made soaps and sent along a couple bars. After a few hours of yard work I couldn't wait to use them & boy oh boy that's some good smelling soap!

Thanks so much Dana, one day this pumpkin head dude will have a name ;) and he is going to live happily ever after in my prim home.
You can find more of Dana's work here on her blog...

1 People said:

Dana said...

Hey sweet Pammie!!!

I'm SO thrilled that you love him... and you just totally made my day. I'm only sorry I couldn't come up with a name for him?! LOL... whatever you want to call him, I'm glad he is calling your house HOME. :)

Many hugs... and I can't WAIT for my signs to arrive!!!