Monday, August 23, 2010

Wild Geese

As I stepped outside this morning I could see my horse was looking at something out in our pasture. Upon a closer look I could see bunches of these funny looking heads poking up from our old pond.
This area of Arkansas does not have any wild geese, just the ones that stop along their trip to wherever they are going. Its been 2 years since I have seen any here so its a treat to see them again.

I ran back into the house and got my camera along with the 300 mm zoom lens. I was able to zoom in and capture these pictures.
I have heard people say these birds can get aggressive but I think they are beautiful and wish they would have stuck around. They are welcome back anytime.

3 People said:

~* Peach Street Folk Art *~ said...

I love geese too! Great pics by the way!


C. M. Designs said...

Good morning Pam, You sure did take some nice pictures of the geese that visited your pond. Your pictures are much better than those of my woodpeckers ! I love to watch geese fly over my house and hear their "honking" noise.. You know Fall is not far away when the geese start flying South..
Hugs, Charlotte

GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

Thanks Jamie!

Thanks Charlotte, I loved your woodpecker pictures, they were great. You need to get a blog so you can show everyone your beautiful handmades...and the woodpecker. ;)