Saturday, March 14, 2009

TDIPT Spring Swap with Simple Treasures

Yip Yip Yippieeee !

Happy Easter to me, Happy Easter to me, gosh this feels like my birthday, heck its better than my birthday !
Most of you have heard about the swap some of us girls do over in TDIPT,there are no swaps like TDIPT swaps that's for sure.

This spring Linda aka Simple Treasures (click here to see her blog) & I were swap partners. As with every swap we are to make each other a handmade and boy oh boy did Linda make me at hand made, just look at these Rabbits ! Her attention to detail is amazing and the colors are perfection.
Here are all the goodies she sent along....
I got a kewl rusty square bucket lined with a fantastic quilted square, some yummy apple dumpling tarts,Candy galore, some pretty spring time bunch of flowers, apple smelling rose hips, rusty star battery operated grubby light with a mini ring ,little cut out blessings sign & 2 gourmet coffees. I love it all !
Thanks so much Linda my BFF TDIPT Spring swap partner !

3 People said:

Anonymous said...

WOW, did they have to bring that in a semi??? You deserve it sweets.... how awesome..Hugs, MO

Jenny said...

OMG, Lucky you is right! Look at all those goodies. How FUN~~

The Prairie House Primitives said...

Oh Pammy you lucky dog you!!! Look at that loot and those awesome bunnies! If ya get tired of them, let me know, kay??????!!!!!