Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Seen any good movies lately ?

Oh there isn't nothing like a good belly laugh ! I guess my favorite movie is one that makes me laugh till I cry. And Step Brothers did just that and STILL DOES ! My girl friends & I mock this movie ALL THE TIME ! I can just take one look at this picture of Dale, Brennan & their family and I laugh so hard.One of my friends has even went as far as to take the picture of Dale and Brennan (picture to the right) and printed it out, had it framed and sitting on her desk ! There are so so many great one liners in this movie. Some might think its a bit too corny but not me, I think its a classic !
(Look at Dale's sweater. It belonged to his mom, he removed the shoulder pads!! Thats so funny to me! )

3 People said:

Jenny said...

Oh I love Will! Not many movies of his I don't like. Some people do not like him, but I am like....what?

He cracks me up!!!!

Cookie said...

I'm NEVER Gonna call him DAD ... and You cant make me!!!

haha... these two are too dang funny together

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

HAHA Cookie, this house smells like bengay & BB sauce!
I love him too Jenny!