Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Goldie Loo Ludwig 1997-2012

Our beloved companion Goldie was laid to rest on our property,next to our house, atop of a little hill under a oak tree with her older sister Angel on Tuesday morning, August 14th.  Goldie’s age was getting the best of her but we noticed she was rapidly loosing weight a few months ago. We took her to her Vet one month ago Monday and she told us what we figured, that she had was cancer. Goldie had started getting really nasty tumors on the same side of her mouth last fall. The only thing that could be done for them was surgery & at her age we had already decided no more surgery. The last half of her life she has had so many fatty tumors, they were all over her body. Some got big enough they were starting to bother her so we had them removed. But at her age surgery was not a option & there was nothing to do but keep it clean and deal with the horrible smell. The first one finally rotted away,we were thrilled and Goldie felt better, we thought it was over.  But then it came back again and again. The last one that came up did not go away,this is when we noticed the rapid weight loss. Our vet examined her. She had a huge mass under the skin of her throat area I it was growing pretty rapidly. This was her lymph nodes. The cancer had gotten in the lymph nodes and spread to her stomach & lungs and no telling where else.

Bless her sweet heart,even till the very end as badly as the felt she still wagged her tail for us. Our vet came out at 8 o'clock Tuesday morning and put her to sleep.
Goldie is the only dog I have ever asked for. All my others sort of came to me, were rescues. Back in 97 a friend of a friend had a litter of pups that they were trying to give away and our close friends had just gotten one, an adorable black lab puppy. I loved him so much. Our friends told me they had more to give away. So I begged & begged for a yellow lab puppy. The next day our friend brought over this sickly flea infested red pup. I argued she was not a yellow lab (I had already chosen the name Goldie for my yellow lab puppy). Everyone insisted she would fade to yellow as she grew. Not. ;) But of course I loved her no matter what color. We have always said we felt like we sort of rescued her. She had a belly full of worms and would have surely died had that not been taken care of soon.

This picture was shortly after we got her. My niece & nephew (Jessica & Devin) just couldnt wait to come up & play with her.

 Look at this SNOUT! Love it.♥

 Goldie LOVED to ride in the wheel barrow & jumped in every chance she got.

 Goldie loved playing with kids. She never met a person or dog she didn't like.♥

We have pictures of me & Goldie by the Christmas tree every year she was with us. It's our little tradition.

 I think when we were not looking Goldie may have been rode for a very short time,lol. Our friends son could not take his hands off her but she loved it.

 Goldie & I right after we built our shop.

 Goldie loved the men. Here she is with a friend of ours playing in the river. She had a blast this day!

Here she is with her cousin Annie. Sadly Annie passed away not long after of cancer. She was only 4 and a sweet heart of a big ole Rottie.

Goldie was  the namesake for our business GoldieLoo Woodworks. When we were in the shop working she was always beside one of us. So when the time came to choose a name for the business this was the first one to come to mind.
Here she is again with Jessica & Devin, 2 of her favorite peeps. 

 Again in the wheel barrow.

 Here is Goldie with her cousin Alexis. Alexis was sick that day & stayed with cuz Pam. She don't look too sick does she? :)

 This was after one of her surgeries to remove a couple of the many fatty tumors.

 For several years she was the “only dog” and we took her as many places with us as we could. She loved the water so to the lake,river or a creek we would take her. We often liked to wade in the river or lake to fish. When we did she would swim out to us, make a circle around us, back to the shore then back to us again & again. This is her with Chuck at one of our favorite fishing holes.

These are 2 of the last photos taken of her,she was so so sick.

We miss her so badly but know it would only be selfish on our part to have tried to keep her any longer. We have so many fun memories of our 15 years with her that will never be forgotten.

13 People said:

Patti said...

I am so very sorry to hear about Goldie. You can see the mutual love in Goldie's eyes and yours. She'll be with you each time you work on your lovely signs...
Blessings, Patti

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

My heart is breaking for you Pam and I know that she will always be with you in your heart and in all the memories that you made together.
Sending a big hug your way.

Anonymous said...

I just get so teary ... The last black and white of her is just a heartbreaker... You loved her so, she loved you so... 15 beautiful years.... What a treasure.. I love you Pammy.. I'm starting to cry again... Xoxo MO MO

Cookie said...

Oh, Loohoo... what a lovely and touching tribute to your sweet ole Goldie. Your memorial has touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes just thinking of the years together and life events shared. I was happy to say I met this sweet girl one lazy summer afternoon a couple of years ago. She was not as lively as the two dogs who ran circles around her, but she carried a certain presence that they obviously respected. I have a few pictures of her but none as sweet as those you posted here. Time will soften those painful edges of lonliness for your sweet Goldie, but she will forever bring a smile to your face when you sit back and think of her. Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart ... I love you ♥

The Crackling Crows Banners said...

AWW Pammie, Goldie is such a sweetie...thank you for sharing pics of her and her story. Without a doubt, she had a wonderful life with you two and the rest of the gang :)
She was a fun loving dog I can tell :)

Smiles Ivonne

Primitive Stars said...

A Very Sad Hello, my heart is heavy hearing you had to lay Goldie to rest. It is so heartbreaking losing a beloved pet, I feel the loss for you and yours. Goldie was so beautiful, how could you not love that face. I saw this verse on a blog, Dogs,Gift From Heaven. If you ever wondered if there is a God or if God loves you, look into the loving eyes of your dog. May you find peace within your heart, Blessings Francine.

JoJo Patton said...

It makes me so sad...I think of my cockerpooh I lost to kidney failure in 2009 he was 15 he was my best heart goes out to you..<3....JO

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Goldie sure was a Beautiful dog! My thoughts and Prayers are with you at this difficult time!

Sheila said...

Thinking of you during this difficult time. Sending hugs and prayers~

Farmhouse prims said...

Pam, I am crying as I am reading this, your Goldie was quite a girl, I am so glad she was your doggie and that she had such a wonderful home, full of love. I just love labs, I had a black lab Lilly that died last year from the same thing as your doggie. I read a book last year, called, "Heaven is Real", it was about a little boy that died and went to heaven. He came back and told of his experiences in Heaven, he said there were lots of dogs and animals!!!
I know your doggie isn't suffering anymore and I hope she runs into Lilly, they would have alot of fun.
Bunches of hugs to you, Love you, I know the heartache you are feeling. Hugs, Lecia Praying for your comfort too!!!

Nita Jo said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. I loved seeing all the photos, especially the Christmas one and the one of Goldie in the wheel barrow full of leaves! I know you will miss her and treasure the memories forever!

GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

Thank you everyone for your condolences,we miss her and think of her every day. I know time heals so were just taking it day by day and loving our other 3 while we have them as time goes by way too fast. Hugs to you all.~~Pam

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Oh Pammie! What a wonderful tribute to your girl. ♥ I am typing through tears.
You gave her a wonderful, happy fulfilled life. You can see it in her sweet face.
But her last photo shows how tired she was. As painful as I know it was, you did what was right.
Praying the good Lord above helps heal your heavy heart.