Monday, May 16, 2011

Seems like its been forever since I have blogged about anything. Despite all the horrible flooding rain which has took its toll on the creeks and rivers here in the south we have had some nice sunny days.
And with those nice sunny days...besides seeing snakes we get to see a lot of new life, trees budding out and flowers popping up.

I was walking beside I old dog kennel in our yard the other day when I noticed some pine needles looked a bit out of place. Upon further inspection I could tell something was under it. So Chuck took a stick and gently moved the needles around which then exposed some fur. At first we thought it was a rabbits nest, we quickly covered it back up and left it alone. Today my curiosity got the better of me so I had Chuck use the stick to take another peek. The first time we seen them they had no hair but today they did and they had the marking of a chipmunk,minus the rabbit ears so we are pretty sure they are baby chipmunks. Hopefully I can snap a few more pictures before they leave the nest.

We have also been finding bunches of bird nest too around our place. Most of which have been mocking birds. This nest was built in my hubby's favorite tractor. I have to admit they built one in there so before they could lay eggs in the nest Chuck tore it out as he knew he was going to need his tractor. But a few days later we found another and with eggs so Chuck decided to leave them alone.

Pretty green grass and big blue skies.

 The Rose bush was loaded this spring!

Then amongst all the rain,snakes,birds & Chipmunks I got surprises!! Yeah me!
Jan Davis AKA Big Brown Dog Primitives surprised me with this sweet little tote she made,along with some of her fantastic prim tags. ~~Thanks so much Jan.

3 People said:

Firecracker Kid said...

What alot of beauty you have all around you, except those snakes:) I hope they don't get the little babies. We've mocking birds in our trees too, they are persistent and can build a nest in no time. Your sidebar pics gave me a chuckle:) Thanks!

Prim's by Kim said...

Lovely pictures! I have a nest of robin eggs, counting down the days till they hatch (and chasing the crows away)! Love baby nature!!!

GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

Thanks Ladies. Ive been checking the eggs everyday but no babies yet. Im scared everytime I look that Im going to find a big ole chicken snake eatting them.:((