Sunday, April 3, 2011


Good Morning,I hope everyone is having a great day. Its beautiful and sunny in Arkansas today.

 I have a few signs left over that need to go so Im pricing them low. If you see you you would like,please drop me a email along with your zipcode so I can give you a total with shipping. :)

Mustard,May Our Home.
Measures 26" X 6&1/2"
Priced @$9.00

God Bless Our Olde Farm
Measures 4" X 25"
Priced @$9.00

Olde Crow Homestead
Priced @$9.00
Measures 24" X 6"&1/2"

Old FarmHouse
Pried @$14.00
Measures 30" x 6"
Sorry this one is sold.
Taking orders though.

Black & Oatmeal, May Our Home.
Measures 28" X 8"
Priced @ $11.00

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