Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meeting Cookie♥

What a fun evening and following day I had when I got to meet my buddy Cookie AKA Curds & Whey. I came to know Cookie when I joined TDIPT several years ago. I have meet people on the internet and imagined what they would look like or act like if I ever met them in person. Well let me tell you, Cookie was everything I imagined and more. Meeting her for the first time in person was like seeing a long time friend. There was never a moment when we were at a loss for words. We laughed and cut up the whole time we were together. Cookie and her hubby Darrell are 2 of the finest, sweetest, coolest and funniest folks my husband & I have ever had the honor of meeting.

One of the places we took Cookie & Darrell was the Grand Gulf State Park in Thayer Mo. This is a really cool place but in the fall or winter when its cool or even COLD, NOT in the summer when the weathermen are warning to stay out of the heat if possible. Plus with the leaves on the trees it was hard to see the sights. Sorry about that Cookie. :)

I believe this was 118 steps :)...for a total of 236 steps in the peek heat of the day :)))
Often referred to as Missouri's "Little Grand Canyon," Grand Gulf State Park offers visitors a chance to view a variety of natural wonders. From a canyon to a cave to a natural bridge -- this state park has plenty to see and much to do. The 322-acre park presents the most spectacular collapsed cave system in the Ozarks. Part of the cave's roof forms one of the largest natural bridges in the state, spanning 200 feet with an opening 75 feet high and 50 feet wide.

The first stop of the day was at Mammoth Springs State Park.

Mammoth Spring is Arkansas's largest spring and the second largest spring in the Ozark Mountains. A National Natural Landmark, the spring flows nine million gallons of water hourly. Forming a scenic 10-acre lake, it then flows south as the Spring River, a popular Ozark trout and float stream. Located near the spring, the park's 1886 Frisco depot will take you back in time to an early 1900s train station. Parked just outside the train station is a Frisco caboose to explore, too.

Mr GoldieLoo Woodworks and Mr Curds & Whey ,"Men Talking"

Beautiful Spring River near Hardy Arkansas
The best "chest shot" ever.Cookie & Darrell.~ And no I was not drinking. ;)

My friend since first grade, Marsha,Cookie & myself at a quant little B&B,Biggers Bluff.
These 2 pictures were taken shortly after first meeting Cookie. What a sparkplug she is.

 Marsha and her Bo came along for the meet & greet.
On the way Marhsa's Bo kept asking me,"now how do you know these people?"LOL . I tried to explan from my TDIPT selling group and assured him they were good people. He is a believer now.
Thanks Cookie for such a fun time. I cant wait to see you guys again!

8 People said:

bayrayschild said...

Pam, what fun!
Love those beautiful shots of the sites you all visited.
So glad that you girls had the chance to meet!


The Prairie House Primitives said...

Arent you guys just the cutest things ever!!! i wish i could have been there too :))))

Cookie said...

Pammie, we are really looking forward to fall too! Lets make it happen... and Jen, you know its not THAT far for you to come join us!

We had so much fun together and really appreciate that fact that you were fighting a horrible migraine the whole day and still chose to suffer through it and show us a wonderful day around your parts. We loved getting to know you and CHUG ♥


Cookie said...

btw... I LOVE this song!!!!

was it on Juno soundtrack?

The Crackling Crows said...

Man, I did not know thar Arkie is sooo nice!!! Love the park you guys went...You all look great :)

Smiles Ivonne

Patti said...

How fun! Looks like you all had a great visit! Also makes me want to come see the great outdoors in your area!

Blessings, Patti

GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

Thanks ladies.♥
Patti & everyone ,if you ever in my area it would be a honor to show you around.

Cookie I think it was Juno or maybe Napeolean Dynamite??
See ya this fall Cookers!

Carol Roll said...

Loved this blog Pammie!!