Monday, June 28, 2010

A Sunday Ride

Several weeks ago we took our friendly furry pack for a Sunday afternoon ride out on the country roads. We don't usually let them ride in the back of the truck but when we are on the gravel and can drive slow we occasionally let them and they love it. Goldie seems to love it most, she always has. She would sleep in the bed of our truck if we would let her. She has gotten so old she can no longer jump in the back of our truck so we lift her in and lift her out.

As you can see Goldie's second favorite thing is water. We came upon a little creek and thought we would let the dogs out to let them get a drink and explore a but. As always Goldie hits the water. She loves it, she lays in it, pees and poo's in it was well. Yes, YUCK! We try to discourage her, especially if there is people in the water but she just cant help herself. Thank goodness Biscuit & Lucy choose to explore dry land. :)

1 People said:

bayrayschild said...

Hey Pam, looks like fun was had by all three doggies. Just look at those smiles as they ride in the back of the truck!

Wonder where we'll be poopin'when we get old?