Thursday, November 5, 2009

They're back !

We keep deer feeders out pretty much year around. After a record breaking ice storm in our area back the first of the year there have been very few deer at the feeder. I can't help but wonder if some of the were killed by falling trees. Or maybe they were scared to death and afraid to venture out. I know for us it was very scary and we knew what was going on.
We are slowly starting to see more of them once again. There is a momma doe (above) who has a ear that is flipped over, I have seen her. One I have not seen since last gun season is a huge buck who had a torn year. We had seen him for years. Everytime we get picture on our SD card I rush them in to see if "Bucky" is on there. So far I have not seen him. I worry he has been shot or the ice storm got him. Deer move fast but our ice storm was like a war zone, I don't see anyway they could of avoided falling limbs and trees. If I ever see him again you cab bet I will be posting pictures.

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