Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Myers House NC

I recently received an e-mail from Kenny Caperton asking to me to make a custom house sign for the new house he & his girl friend Emily are building. I do not do a lot of custom work since I mostly use stencils but after studying Emily's cool drawing of the sign they wanted I decided to do this sign for them. I also decided to see if my fellow artist Susan Burd of Country Crocks By Susan might be interested in assisting me with the project.(Pictures promised to come later).
Kenny phoned me a few days ago to go over details for the sign. In our conversation he was telling me about the new home he is building. I'm a big time Halloween (the movie) fan & was so excited to hear about it I could not wait to see his blog to check it out for myself. WOW, I thought I LOVED Halloween. Kenny REALLY loves "Halloween", the movie that is. So much so that he is building his dream home as a replica of the Michael Myers home from "Halloween"! It will be dubbed The Myers Home NC (North Carolina).
Kenny & Emily are breaking ground and turning his dream house into a reality. Kenny's says “I’ve been working for a long time to make building this house possible, I’m overwhelmingly excited that it’s actually happening.”Kenny stresses that his version of the Myers house will not be an exact replica of its inspiration. The home used in the 1978 film was built at the turn of the century and lacks many modern conveniences, including a functioning kitchen (the movie used a temporary set). Kenny's 1,900-square-foot home will also be slightly larger than the original.
“I love this film, I know other people love this film and I want them to experience it with me,” Kenny says. He’s already considering ways to celebrate his first Halloween in the house in 2009. “I’m thinking picnic tables and a big screening of HALLOWEEN in the front yard,” he says. The idea of setting up a bed-and-breakfast has even crossed his mind. He says fellow fans are welcome to come trick-or-treating. (I say a group of us hens need to get together...go to Hillsborough, North Carolina shopping and take the tour ! :))
Kenny is documenting the building of his dream home on his blog. If you have not seen it yet be sure to check it out at
Kenny & Emily, best of luck with your new dream home !

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