Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Bucks are back some velvet with them too.

Lookey here ! Chuck AKA Mr. Goldieloo ;) put out his Deer Cam yesterday and got a few pictures of some deer. The bucks have velvet on their Antlers right now.If you look closely at these bucks you can see the Velvet. Later in the summer/fall you can see the Velvet actually falling off the Antlers and sometimes some bleeding. Chuck tells me that some hunters like to hunt simply for the Trophy like to shoot the Bucks right now so they can have one mounted on their walls with the pretty Velvet Antlers. Personally we enjoy them much more by watching them and getting these cool pictures. Last year I even named a few of them and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I see them again soon.
Here is a little information about the "velvet" if you would like to read more.~~
During growth, antlers are covered with a sensitive skin commonly referred to as “velvet.” This velvet is filled with blood vessels that constantly feed the antlers the vitamins and the minerals necessary for bone building. Antler growth demands a lot of vitamins, minerals, protein, and energy, so adequate native forage or supplemental feed must be available to meet these requirements for maximum antler growth.
Antler growth can range from two to four months depending upon the individual buck. After this time, a hardened ring forms at the base of the antlers (burr) that shuts off blood flow to the velvet-covered antlers. As a result, the velvet deteriorates, dries up, and falls off, often assisted by the
white-tailed buck, which rubs his antlers against tree bark.
At this point, the antler growing cycle is complete, the buck will prepare for the rut, and the shedding cycle will resume after the fall and winter breeding season.
Oh yes "rut" that is a very interesting picture taking time too. These bucks can get very aggressive. Between them and the deer hunters. I stay out of the woods. Oh the poor Does. ;)

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