Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Afternoon Chat With The Crackling Crows

I had a wonderful chat this afternoon with the lovely and talented Artist Ivonne AKA The Crackling Crows. Ivonne and I have "known" each other through eBay and the prim world for 2 or so years now (correct me if I'm wrong Ivonne:)). Its funny to say we know each other when we have never met and until today never even spoke on the phone. But I think we did well making up for lost time, we chatted for around 3 hours. LOL, and I could have even talked for a few more hours. Ivonne is such a joy to talk to. I found we have even more in common than I ever knew. Ivonne has kindly featured me on her blog, Thank You Ivonne ! Maybe one day we can meet in person, set down to a big ole plate of chocolate chip cookies and have a nice long chat in person.
You can see some of Ivonne's work on TDIPT Mercantile. She updates the first of every month. http://www.tdiptmercantile.com/artists/cracklingcrows.html
And mom......I want one of each !! ;)

2 People said:

Anonymous said...

Good morning Pam, I enjoyed talking to you very much too yesterday, it is so cool to talk to creative people and yes we DO have a lot in common and have things to share :)...we could have talked forever...thank God for Head phones LOL
Hey...you never know...who knows maybe one day we will move closer to Arkansas...everything is possible in the Military :)
Pam thank you so very much for EVERYTHING :) Keep up the great work!!!
Ivonne :)

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

I can't wait to see that awesome doll you were working on !