Wednesday, August 14, 2013

All of the proceeds from the sales of this sign will go to Angie’s Fur Angels with Emerald Coast Animal Rescue. To see some of the many countless lives Angie has saved please click here...

This sign will be available for 2 weeks only. Depending on the amount of sales, please allow up to 4 weeks for me to have your sign shipped to you.

 This beautiful little poem was written by my niece, a very special girl who loved animals and loved to sing. She and her boyfriend were tragically killed in a car wreak 3 years ago. This poem was one that was found in her home by her mom. We were all so touched by this poem as it is “so Jessica”. She was always smiling. A few Christmas’s ago I was asked to make this into a sign for Jessica’s dad, my brother. While I was making one I thought I would make a few more for family members. I had several request from people who wanted to buy one but I never felt right about making money off of something Jessica had written.
And then recently I was thinking of making a special sign for my friend Angie to help with her rescue. As I was thinking about it I kept coming back to this poem written by Jessica. Knowing how much she loved animals, remembering her carrying around her kittens and playing with the dogs. I knew this was the sign to help my rescue friend out with. So with Jessica’s parents OK I have redesigned the first one so I could offer it to sell with all proceeds going to a rescue in memory of Jessica. This month would have been her birthday as well. So in honor of Jess’s birthday and in her memory I bring to you .....Where You Go In Life, by Jessica Dene’ Draper.

 For more information about this sign please follow the link.

It's been a year ago today that we had to let our ole Goldie go. She was the best dog ever.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Where has my time gone? To the dogs ?

It’s been a extremely busy summer. We have been doing some much needed work on our house,still more to be done...or is it ever really done? ;)
Sales have been fantastic and a BIG THANK YOU to all of my customers, you are the greatest!
I have had a few dogs to come my way & with a lot of help from a friend we were able to save them. I am forever grateful for my rescue friends who have devoted their life to saving the fur babies.  

The first dog this summer who sort of “came to me” was a gorgeous Coonhound.  I was contacted about this sweetie who had been brought into the shelter a few towns away. I was told she didn't stand much of a chance as she was due to have puppies anytime. Here is the south its VERY VERY hard to find much help and so many are euthanized. But I was told about a lady who might could help me and SHE DID! She has helped me with several dogs this summer and COUNTLESS other dogs in NE Arkansas. This remarkable lady really is a Angel on earth. 

 Please be sure to check back tomorrow and I am going to be offering a very special OOAK sign that will only be available for 2 weeks with all proceeds going to my rescue friend who does all her rescue work with donations and many times money out her pocket.
She found a rescue for Miss Coonhound and the others who came to me in one way or another this summer.
Me and Coonhound momma to be... she ended up having 11 puppies just a few days after this picture.

Coonhound momma has come a LONG WAY. She went from Pocahontas Arkansas to Jonesboro Arkansas. Then to St Louis Mo. Then BACK to Jonesboro Ar. Then to Ill. and now in her forever home in upper Michigan .
 This is Mr. Curley, he and his friend were living off the streets of Black Rock Ar. But some very kind folks couldn't let him and his buddy, Hoppy starve and made sure they were well fed and got with me to help them get these boys off the streets.
 Curley (now Jude) is now living happily ever after in St. Louis Mo.

This is Curley's (now Jude) buddy, Hoppy. They called him Hoppy as he sort of hops when he walks. Some mean folks ran over him on a 4 wheeler,must have broken his lower leg and it healed back all crocked,poor fella.. ~Hoppy is currently in Springfield Mo in his foster home. He is undergoing treatments for heart worms and hopefully will be well and ready for adoption later this fall.

 This silly boy is Lucky and LUCKY he sure is. He really did come to me, right to my porch steps.

 Mr. Lucky was rescued by a wonderful group in Colorado. Lucky is now in his foster home, doing great and will be for adoption soon. :)

 These 2 came to my neighbor's house. Before I could get them in a rescue the sweet brown boy was given away. Hopefully to a good home. But this sweetheart white puppy went to rescue.
And look at her now! She's all cleaned up and ready for her new home too. She is such a doll.
These fur babies could not have been saved if it had not been for my friend Angie. She is with Emerald Coast Animal Rescue. Thank you Angie!!

My goodness I've been so busy I have not had time for blogging! I fear I have gotten way behind. But I have been making some new items, I try to do so each month. Here are the latest that I have added to my etsy shop.

Please note: From time to time I have to close my shop, the etsy "sign" may say vacation but it's far from that. Sometimes when I get a lot of orders at one time I have to close the shop for a few days or at times a week to catch up. So if you find me closed please be sure to check back or you can sign up to be notified of when I am open again. Sorry for any inconvenience.