Monday, April 21, 2008

40 Something With Wrinkles

My girlfriends & I was at a craft show over the weekend and one of my friends could not stop worrying about her wrinkles. Maybe its because she is single. I know I have them, I just try not to look at them. :) We were buying some generic designer sunglasses and I found myself looking for the ones with the largest shades. I think that's because it covers more of my face which means more of my wrinkles ;) But really I feel there is nothing I can do about it so why worry or fret over it ? I thought this little video was really cute and really sums things up for us middle aged ladies. :)

2 People said:

The Country Junction said...

Thanks for leaving the comment Pam! I still have you on my list to order from - if we can EVER get caught up!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Blog land Pam...your blog looks absolutely great!
Love your work!!!